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Excellent Chiropractor!!!! Most chiro’s do a “routine” (same-ol’, same-ol’) adjustment(s). Dr. Cassorla treats based on how your body responds (or may not be responding). Deep tissue massage needed? Dr. Cassorla will do that. Need ultrasound therapy? Dr. Cassorla will do ultrasound. Bandaging and adjsutments? He’s all over that! 🙂 In three weeks of treatment for tennis elbow, i feel 60% better but i do have to say, he has given me some exercises to do at home. It’s easy to pop a pain pill, but if you are looking to get well, Dr. Cassorla will get you there IF you are willing to help your body out by the RX exercises and stretches he will have you do. I highly recommend him and see how fast your body can recover.


Majashti R.

I have to say I was skeptical about chiropractic before I began to seek relief.

I messed up my back a while ago on a ab training machine at the gym. Being the stubborn male that I am I thought I could just wait for it to “go away.” It seemed to be not be getting any better or worse for a month or so until during my martial art training my injury was aggravated. Then I knew I had to get some actual help. I don’t have health insurance or a lot of money so I knew I couldn’t go to a doctor’s office to look into surgery or whatever they would want to do.

I didn’t want to blindly shop around for a chiropractor that I didn’t know  I could trust or not. I knew of Dr. Cassorla through his son who I had gone to school with and he seemed like a pretty nice guy. So I got his contact and made an appointment over at his office at Back in Shape. I am so glad I did. When I first came to see him I was in excruciating pain. My lower back was super tight and the pain radiated to my shoulders and neck. He worked with my financial state and busy schedule to get me the help I needed.

Over a month and a half my pain was gone, I still had episodes from my stressful and straining job at the time but for the most part I was relieved. After my main pain source was healed we worked on my episodic pains and those to subsided. He taught me how to take care of my back through stretching, reinforcement while working and techniques on lifting.

He is very nice, personal, and educated. I felt like I was going to see a friend who was going to help me with my problems.

I also had a chronic injury in my hand due to my martial arts training in wrist locks. I didn’t know I could talk to him about pains in areas other than my back until my girlfriend at the time suggested it. Sure enough my pain there was also relieved.

I highly recommend Dr. Cassorla, Ken DC as source of all sorts of pain relief. I didn’t feel like just another patient, we would talk and discuss many different subject in society and each others’ lives.


Troy T.

I have read the other 6 reviews, and I have to agree wholeheartedly  I have been treating with chiropractors on and off most of my adult life, and can attest that Ken does spend more time than most. You do get a full half hour , and he uses a very powerful massage machine that is wonderful!  He also addresses all your concerns, not just your neck and back. He is a very compassionate human being. He really listens, & cares.
He truly loves his work, you can tell! And wants to make you well.


Mary-Margaret B.

It is fair to say that I have not been a fan of chiropractic, but my experience with Ken Cassorla has honestly changed that. After sustaining a neck injury due to an accident, I sought help from Dr. Cassorla.  I have been so surprised at the quality of care and the time he spends at each appointment.  With past chiropractors, I was in and out in 15 minutes.  Dr. Cassorla spends a full 1/2 hour, giving his full undivided attention at every visit.  I really feel that he listens and cares.  His techniques are varied and effective.  Overall, I would highly recommend Dr. Cassorla as an excellent chiropractor!


Terry G.

I have gone to Ken Cassorla for over twenty years, I highly recommend Ken, He knows what he is doing, He also happens to be a great guy, compassionate, caring and he listen to you, he really cares about his patents  and you always come first, You usually don’t have to wait very long when you have an appointment, the staff is very professional and friendly..the whole staff will make your visit comfortable and they will try and get you in as fast as possible..If you want a caring professional and knowledgeable crew don’t hesitate to go to Ken Cassorla, He also will work something out to make your visit affordable..Its not about the Money with him it is about you getting well. what more can you ask for…Love Ken


Ronne M.

Ken Cassorla is a true healer,  when traditional western medicine failed  me, I started seeing him for chronic neck pain, my road to recovery started with my first visit and I feel now for the first time in a long time I am facing this chronic pain issue with treatment that both relieves the pain and treats the cause.  If you can get into to see him you are one of the lucky ones. And to all my friends over the hill he is worth the drive.Call soon


Tonia W.

Dr Ken can make a difference in your life. I have seen him intermittently for over 30 years for issues with my neck and back. Presently he is an integral part of a maintenance program of chiropractic adjustments, yoga stretching and daily inversion. Together we have been successful in stabilizing my condition.


Edward L.

Ken is amazing! I’ve been going to him on and off for 6 years for lower back pain. He’s always taken his time with me, asking lots of questions and really addressing the issue. He teaches me lots of different techniques and tricks to help support my back throughout my day. I always feel relaxed and aligned walking out of his office.


Cindy M.

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